The organisation  

  • Following the Highway Code, with individual monitoring of all drivers (driving time, rest time, average speed). An instructor has been appointed to remind drivers of the rules for safe driving: permanent vigilance, anticipation and irreproachable behaviour, supervision and knowledge of the equipment being used and the goods being transported.

  • Every rig is fitted with an onboard fleet management system that allows operators to monitor the position of the goods in real time (and communicate with the customer), manage driving time as efficiently as possible and anticipate any problems.


  • We buy the very latest equipment that meets the most recent European pollution standards (EURO 4 and EURO 5) and offers performance, safety and greater driving comfort.


  • All drivers are given permanent advice on economic driving and their performance is monitored daily.



With all this backing, Hinterland is able to work on a daily basis to control road risks, fight against greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy consumption.

Hinterland is aiming for a Human Resources policy that encourages everyone to become involved in the virtuous circle of quality, safety and concern for the environment.