Our strengths  
  Our teams  

Hinterland has an experienced team of operators on every site. They are in constant contact with drivers via our geo-location and information system tools, monitoring the goods and feeding new orders into the system. Each team can count on dedicated assistants capable of taking over their daily tasks at any time.

In addition, the geographical location of the offices means that branches can create synergies between each other and can free themselves of constraints to offer customers rapid, economical solutions in real time (e.g. via relays between Le Havre and Marseille-Fos or Bordeaux and Le Havre).

Finally, Hinterland is a member of "France Lots Organisation" www.fr-lo.org, a group of independent road transport professionals. This membership offers Hinterland the support of a network of nearly 70 firms specialised in transport, logistics and storage.