Our strengths  

These latest-generation, mainly EURO 5 vehicles, offer outstanding performance for long-distance transport, combining safety, power, low fuel consumption and excellent motivity.
The electronically controlled pneumatic suspension system provides a high level of comfort and effectively protects the load. The system adjusts automatically so that the vehicle maintains a constant height and corrects the effects of loads that may be unevenly distributed. A manual system makes it easier to adjust the height of the deck in relation to the loading bay. It is also possible to program different loading bay heights.
Finally, thanks to its exceptional height, the type of cabin chosen provides extensive storage space and leaves the driver with considerable freedom of movement.
Since 2008, 30 more tractors from the same range were added to the fleet.
There is now a real partnership between Volvo and Hinterland, with the latter relying on the Volvo Truck Centres network, which is ideally represented across France, providing regular, meticulous monitoring of the equipment.



Hinterland currently has nearly 350 chassis and trailers, offering the option of a very wide variety of services:


  • 20’ chassis

Heavy machinery

The Le Havre and Montoir de Bretagne branches have heavy handling machinery to move empty or full containers, thereby making it easier to bring goods in and out of the sites and to provide on-demand services such as fumigation or the occasional storage of empty containers.